Ghost Shark

Interest in the Syfy network’s line of low-budget “Original” monster films recently saw a significant uptick with the premiere of Sharknado. After setting the Twitterverse aflame, Sharknado became something of a schlock cultural event and secured its destiny as the main attraction at Bad Movie Nights for the next decade or so.

Syfy is doubtlessly hoping that this lingering cultural cache will transfer through to their next big original project, Ghost Shark. The network has released a preview clip for the film just as a sequel to Sharknado was announced – all but confirming that Syfy hopes that the association will transfer into curiosity views.

Ghost Shark Jet Ski Ghost Shark’ Clip: Behold Syfy’s Next Big B Movie

If the image of a literal phantom shark – still hungry after death, but unencumbered by physical barriers such as walls – stirs your imagination, prepare to be disappointed. This preview of the film seems to confirm that Ghost Shark will probably play out as yet another Jaws rip-off, doing very little with the idea of an immaterial great white. Not only does the depicted scene trudge through the familiar paces of the 1975 classic, it does so in ways that will be familiar to anyone who has ever sat through one of Syfy’s Z-grade monster flicks – i.e., with flat camera work, stilted acting, and special effects that would have looked painful 20 years ago.

That said, the brief moment of getting chomped in half on a jet-ski is kind of amusing.

Though Sharknado’s actual viewership numbers didn’t remotely match the ferocity of its Internet hype, it at least summoned goodwill with the audacity of its ridiculousness. Obviously, Ghost Shark completed production well before Sharknado became a trending topic. And yet, one hopes that Ghost Shark borrows a bit from its more famous predecessor’s playbook and amps up the insanity – something this preview clip sorely lacks.

Ghost Shark is directed by Griff Furst (Arachnoquake). The movie stars Mackenzie Rosman (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis (Stolen)


Ghost Shark will surface on Syfy @8pm on A