The Lost Empire: Found with trailer launch

The new trailer from Polyscope. The Lost Empire, the picture that launched the career of Jim Wynorski. The film digitally remastered under the watchful of Jim Wynorski, Polyscope will be bringing this exploitation masterpiece back to screens this fall.

After Officer Angel Wolfe’s brother gets killed by a gang of ninjas she calls on the help from an Indian spirit named Whitestar and a convicted outlaw named Heather. This trio of femme fatales infiltrates a fortified island where a satanic syndicate holds women captive to fight in as gladiators in tournaments.

Production company: Harwood Productions
Director: Jim Wynorski
Writer: Jim Wynorski
Cast: Melanie Vincz/Raven De La Croix/Angela Aames/Paul Coufos/Angus Scrimm/Robert Tessier/Linda Shayne/Blackie Dammett/Kenneth Tobey/Angelique Pettyjohn

This movie, should you be lucky enough to find it at your local video store or on ebay, is truly one of a kind. It has everything an exploitation movie should have, and nothing superfluous to the genre. Perhaps some “Drive-in Totals,” Joe Bob Briggs style, will help you understand:

Number of dry-ice spewing miniature active volcano islands passed off as real islands: 1

Ninja stars thrown to good effect: 5 (IIRC)

Number of enormous, magnificent, natural, fully bared breasts on display: no less than 6

Percentage of screen time aforementioned breasts are bared: roughly 40%

Number of puns included in dialogue: countless

Number of bad guys played by Angus Scrimm of “Phantasm” fame: 1

Tan guys with bitchin 70’s mustache-fu

Women in prison-fu

Harmless gay man humor-fu

Women power-fu

1 decapitation

1 giant mechanical penis cannon

Female mud wrestling to the death

The new Lost Empire Trailer… Polyscope