Bad Girls From Mars

Bad Girls from Mars is a 1991 sci-fi comedy film starring Edy Williams and Oliver Darrow and written, produced and directed by Fred Olen Ray.


Someone is killing off the female leads of the movie production “Bad Girls from Mars.” The producers feel they should try to finish the film, even though they’re making a lucrative amount from insurance payoffs, so they fly in European sex bomb Emanuelle as the new lead. Emanuelle immediately begins embarrassing the producers by leading a wild party life around town. Meanwhile the killings continue, and detectives try to stop the fiend responsible.



Edy Williams as Emanuelle
Oliver Darrow as TJ McMasters
Brinke Stevens as Myra
Jay Richardson as Richard Trent
Jeffrey Culver as Mac Regan
Bob Ruth as Al the Cop
Dana Bentley as Martine
Jasae as Terry
Al Bordighi as Ortelli
Jerry Miller as Walt


“Bad Girls from Mars” is fine Saturday night entertainment. I know this because I watched it on a Saturday night and it was fine. While it’s not a sci-fi flick or have anything to do with Mars, they are plenty of bad girls. Brinke Stevens shows up as the costume girl. She doesn’t join the topless parade but does sun herself by the pool. So that’s nice. There are about four women who go topless and Edy Williams usually ends up without a shirt on in most scenes she’s in. The guy playing the cop was funny and Richardson was on target as the egotistical leading man. “Bad Girls from Mars” is fun.

I had a good time. And in the end…that’s all that counts.