Sharknado 2: The Second One Storms Citi Field

Citi Field was struck by a vicious Sharknado yesterday during a Mets game, sending fans into a panic and causing widespread chaos and death.Of course, killer sharks were not really falling from the sky. This was a shoot for “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” and the Mets fans were all actors.

The sharks will be added later with computer graphics.“I get to play this balls-to-wall heroic character who for all intents and purposes should have died in the first movie,” “Sharknado 2” star Ian Ziering told the Daily News. “30 Rock’s” Judah Friedlander flees falling sharks in “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” shooting at Citi Field on Wednesday. “Now that it’s happening again, he knows what to do, he knows how to do it, and it’s just putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.”Last year’s B-movie on the Syfy channel took viewers by storm, setting off a social-media hurricane to become one of the most insane pop-culture phenoms in years.

“We’ve shown the entertainment industry what social media is capable of doing for a movie. Sharknado is now a noun,” Ziering said.

The flicks’ premise: a bizarre series of tornados sucks thousands of man-eating sharks from the ocean and dumps them on flooded cities. The News’ Justin Silverman seems pleased that “Sharknado 2’s” Ian Ziering is attempting to save him from the approaching storm.

Los Angeles fell victim in 2013, and New York City is in the crosshairs this year.Wednesday’s shoot focused on Ziering and his co-stars running out of Citi Field and up to the 7 train platform to escape the hungry sharks raining down upon the flooded stadium.They were surrounded by dozens of extras who had to dress as if they were spectators at a springtime ballgame, even though the real temperature was below freezing.

The movie will air on Syfy this summer.

It’s still not clear how the filmmakers will handle Wednesday’s morning snowfall, which was clearly visible in many of the shots.

Some people on the set speculated that our harsh winter weather could be worked into the plot.

“This is the most important film ever made about climate change, that’s why I’m doing it,” said “30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander.

In “Sharknado 2,” he plays a bat-wielding regular guy from Queens who may or may not get eaten by a shark.