Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)


Citizen Toxie is, without a doubt, the finest Troma film to date. Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team managed to make a sequel to a twenty year old movie that is not only more succesful than the original, but has a lesser budget to boot. The Toxic Avenger has never looked better on screen, the acting, while often intentionally corny, fits the movie perfectly, and the script is comedic genius. Now, to see all this, it is imperative to not be off put by the gallons of gore, extreme sexuality, and the lengths at which the makers go out of their way to be politically incorrect.

Which brings us to a very controversial subject. Many people have bashed this movie, aside from given remarks such as “idiotic”, “lowbrow”, and “tasteless”. Many people claim this film to be racist, and they are serious when they say this. To see someone brand this offensive, but harmless, piece of art racist truly makes me sad. If anybody took the time to learn anything about the production of this movie, or the people involved making it, such claims would never be vocalized or even thought. The scene in question involves an african-american gentlemen being dragged behind a pickup truck, and is also based upon an actual event. The villain of the picture is the one commiting this act against humanity, as villains in most movies do. Who saves him? Toxie, the hero of the film who fights crime, and is eternally trying to end violence.

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4 is a landmark in independant films. Anyone who takes movies too seriously may not get it though, so it is advised to know what you’re getting into: This film is crude, revolting, offensive, politcally incorrect, violent, and nothing short of amazing. However, that last one would not apply if the first Toxic Avenger, another minor masterpiece, did not exist. If none of the above descriptions bother you, rent (or better yet, BUY), the original Toxic Avenger and Citizen Toxie. You’ll have a great time, guaranteed.