Alley Cat (1984)

This entertainingly tacky’n’trashy distaff “Death Wish” copy stars the exceptionally gorgeous and well-endowed brunette hottie supreme Karin Mani as Billie Clark, a top-notch martial arts fighter and one woman wrecking crew who opens up a gigantic ten gallon drum of ferocious chopsocky whup-a** on assorted no-count scuzzy muggers, rapists, drug dealers and street gang members after some nasty low-life criminals attack her beloved grand parents. The stunningly voluptuous Ms. Mani sinks her teeth into her feisty butt-stomping tough chick part with winningly spunky aplomb, beating jerky guys up with infectious glee and baring her smoking hot bod in a few utterly gratuitous, but much-appreciated nude scenes. Unfortunately, Mani possesses an extremely irritating chewing-on-marbles harsh and grating voice that’s sheer murder on the ears (my favorite moment concerning Mani’s dubious delivery of her dialogue occurs when she quips “Don’t mess with girls in the park; that’s not nice!” after clobbering a few detestable hooligans. The delectable Karin’s sole subsequent film role was in “Avenging Angel,” in which she does a truly eye-popping full-frontal nude scene, but doesn’t have any lines.) The film’s single most sensationally sleazy sequence transpires when Mani gets briefly incarcerated on a contempt of court charge and shows her considerably substantial stuff in a group prison shower scene. Of course, Mani’s lascivious lesbian cell mate tries to seduce her only to have her unwanted advances rebuffed with a severe beatdown! Strangely enough, the lesbian forgives Mani and becomes her best buddy while she’s behind bars. Given an extra galvanizing shot in the vigorously rough’n’ready arm by Edward Victor’s punchy direction, a funky-rockin’ score, endearingly crummy acting by a game (if lame) cast, a constant snappy pace, numerous pull-out-all-the-stops exciting fight scenes, and Howard Anderson III’s gritty photography, this immensely enjoyable down’n’dirty exploitation swill is essential viewing for hardcore fans of blithely low-grade low-budget grindhouse cinema junk.