Galaxina (1980)

In the 31st century the wacky crew of the police cruiser the Infinity — zany Captain Cornelius Butt (a delightfully daffy Avery Schreiber), macho, cigar-chewing Sergeant Thor (solid Stepen Macht), gung-ho cowboy pilot Buzz (affable James David Hinton), sexy servant robot Galaxina (a charming performance by gorgeously voluptuous 1980 “Playboy” Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratten), funky black winged alien Maurice (lively Lionel Mark Smith) and laid-back wizened Oriental Sam Wo (mellow Tad Horino) — are assigned to retrieve the powerful mystical gem the Blue Star before the dastardly Darth Vader-like villain Ordric (sonorously voiced with rip-snorting aplomb by Percy Rodrigeuz) gets his evil hands on it. Writer/director William Sachs pokes enjoyably broad fun at a slew of popular science fiction movies and TV shows which include “ALIEN,” “Star Trek,” and “Star Wars,” tossing in equally goony parodies of 60’s biker flicks and spaghetti Westerns for good measure. Among the comic highlights are a grouchy foul-mouthed rock-eating monster, a visit to a wild interstellar brothel (Marilyn Joi pops up in a bit part as a winged girl prostitute), a nasty alien bar with various human delicacies on the menu, a biker gang that worships the motorcycle Harley Davidson as if it was a god, an Old West-style showdown between Ordric and Galaxina, an angelic choir singing on the soundtrack whenever the Blue Star gets mentioned, and Angelo Rossitto as a cute reptilian dwarf creature. Dean Cundey’s handsome, polished cinematography, the surprisingly excellent special effects, the engagingly breezy throwaway tone, and the lush orchestral classical music score are all on the money fine and impressive as well. An amiably silly hoot.