The Chase (1946)

This is one of the most off-beat noirs you will ever see.It ranges from tension to turmoil in short bursts because it is, ah, different.You may have to run parts of it back to see if you missed something – but chances are you didn’t. It’s that kind of film.

The heavies are the best part of the cast. Steve Cochran may have done his best work here, and Peter Lorre does what he does best.Michele Morgan is lovely, and Bob Cummings seems as confused as the rest of us. I enjoy plot twists to a point, but the whole picture is a plot twist.

You may have to struggle with the continuity and the sound track, as the film was assembled piecemeal and the restoration is not as good as could be hoped. Against my better judgment I gave this a 7, although on balance it’s not that good; it’s just so – how should we say – bizarre.