Honeymoon Horror (1982)

At a newly re-opened honeymoon lodge “Lovers Island” someone is stalking and killing the female newlyweds.

Decent if completely unmemorable slasher. The idea is fine, a killer lurking in the shadows killing the women on a remote island, but there are too many problems for it to become anything other than average. The acting is fairly stilted and even dramatically poor at times, the women are best but some of the males are just a bit too unbelievable. The film does create a bit of tension and does have a creepy atmosphere, however this is killed off along with some decent pacing, every time we see the stupid and totally unnecessary sheriff, its played for comic relief but doesn’t work and would’ve been better not in the film. The mystery of the killer is not a mystery its obvious from the very first scene who our killer will be & is no shock when we see him. The low-budget is clear particularly in the ineffective gore sequences that don’t really convince, although they are a little fun at times.

Unbelievably this was a Section 3 nasty here in the UK meaning it could be seized by the police, why?, that’s anyone guess. The tag-line of- Why kill all the women- doesn’t really mean a thing and it never becomes clear why, the best thing to do is don’t think too much, just sit down for 90mins and enjoy it as much as you can.