She (1984)

This is exactly what bad movies are supposed to be: a magnificent accident; bizarre; terrible dialog; insipid acting; but most importantly, uncontrived. Not like that Troma crap. Troma wishes its movies were bad, but all I see are contrivances: people who try to pawn off badly made bad movies as something special, like She. She is everything you want and more. Badly executed scenes for even more badly conceived plot points. Terrible costuming including spiked football helmets intended to look “post- apocalyptic”. Male sexual fantasies enacted on screen, masquerading as female empowerment. But through all of it, an effortless “badness” that leaves one questioning, simply, “how?”. How did this make it to film? How did it actually get made, and who actually looked at the final cut and said ‘yep, it’s just like I imagined it. Trust me, this is a golden turd. It’s the reason we bother to watch terrible movies.