Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

Night of Bloody Horror is certainly not accurately named, but if you get into the atmosphere of ’60s and ’70s low budget exploitation films, then you’ll probably enjoy this campy Psycho copy. There’s some great music, some performed in club scenes by a noisy psychedelic band called The Bored; and great kitschy visual effects, like the swirling lights Wesley sees before a murder happens. Plus it has that wonderful, sickly faded color that is a must for any great “psychotronic” movie.

The film starts slow, but reveals Wesley’s haunted past little by little through creepy childhood flashbacks while simultaneously establishing the unhealthy relationship he has with his bitter, domineering mother. It doesn’t keep all of its secrets well, but the sick revelation of the ending is memorable and entertaining. There’s a lot of cheese value, but underneath it all is a decent little psychological horror movie.