The Kiss (1988)

Black magic,possession and bizarre deaths turn a normal family’s life into a non-stop nightmare.The terror begins in the Belgian Congo,as an unsuspecting young girl named Felice boards a train for what will become a strange,supernatural voyage.Twenty-five years later,Felice,a sensuous fashion model,suddenly appears in New York to visit her teenage niece.Although Amy is excited to meet her aunt,the arrival of this mysterious relative strangely coincides with a gruesome series of violent deaths.”The Kiss” by Pen Densham is a pretty decent horror flick.The acting is surprisingly good,the killings are creative and quite gruesome and the climax is reasonably effective,albeit a little bit goofy.Polish horror queen Joanna Pacula appears nude and looks incredibly hot.So if you like horror films with a sprinkle of eroticism give this one a look