Dead Alive (1992)

How often do you read the summary of a film and you form expectations in your mind and once you finish watching the movie you realize that you got EXACTLY what you read and more? This movie is brilliant, the tone Peter Jackson went for is absolutely perfect. A dazzling mixture of comedy and gore. Blood-spattered, gruesome, charming fun! Jackson certainly knew what he was doing, as this movie could satisfy even the most die-hard fans of B movies, specially gory ones. Even though you find it nauseating and stomach-churning you can’t look away, because you sort of look in awe. Sounds a bit weird, but that’s how good this movie is!

Elizabeth Moody is the highlight, acting-wise for me. Her character is everything this movie needs, this plot needs and the grisly violent action needs. I wonder how much fake blood did they use in this movie, probably gallons. Highly entertaining film, I can easily go from this to watch any “Lord of the Rings” film and feel bedazzled by thinking this same guy did both masterpieces in such different genres and tones.