Jack Frost (1997)


Here comes the fairy tale about another demented psychopath’s killing spree. Imagine your deepest, darkest fears…conjured up in the manifestation of a KILLER SNOWMAN! Well, in JACK FROST, we are casually acquainted with a repugnant Jack the Ripper-type tormentor named, coincidentally…Jack Frost (Scott McDonald). When the prison truck carrying the apprehended Jack Frost inadvertently collides with a truck full of enhanced “genetic chemicals,” a freak accident predictably ensues. Jack Frost, a notorious serial mass murderer has been left permanently disfigured. Now…he’s embarked on a mission of revenge. His number one target for reprisal: A local sheriff (Christopher Allport), who helped captured this slick criminal mastermind in the first place.

Exposure to an experimental, scientific acid has left this man destroyed for life…and now, Jack Frost is ticked off! The folks at a tranquil community in Colorado are eventually introduced to a homicidal, shape-shifting monstrosity with one bad attitude! Don’t let the over-stereotypical gentle guise fool you…

JACK FROST is another sorry horror/comedy hybrid. This is a ludicrous horror film that fails to generate much scares. The snow demon for one looks extremely ridiculous and the weak production values hamper an already shoddy premise. The film also has a proclivity to evoke more unintentional as well as intentional laughs rather than genuine fright. JACK FROST does have its memorable camp moments and shares of unique bloodshed and grotesque murders. They include a decapitation by a sled, an axe handle shoved down someone’s orifice, and a teenage girl smothered to death by the title character just when she needed a bath…

Actor Scott McDonald is adequate as an antisocial main villain and the rest of the cast, though not exceptional, sure do have fun. The creative make-up FX which includes Jack Frost’s morphing capabilities by Screaming Mad George also provide a pretext for a hokey script and plot.

Destined to gain a cult reputation, JACK FROST will probably be known as one of the most convoluted BAD horror films ever to embrace video stores. Fans of degrading low-budget bloodfests will get a kick watching Frost take a BITE out of several of his victims. At least this film also has a caustic sense of humor.

In spite of the mawkish aura surrounding JACK FROST, this picture is a moronic film that lacks even a shred of suspense. Almost…but not quite on the level of “so bad it’s good” type sub-genre. I’m sorry, I just can’t appreciate the one-dimensional stupidity this film has to offer.