Invasion Of The Star Creatures (1962)


This was one of those films that got a ton of play on the airwaves in the early 1970’s, usually on the “4am Movie” or one time, on the 7:30 PM “Channel 6 Big Movie” and still another on Creature Double Feature.WHen local channels used to run movies as part of their local programming(mostly gone today in favor of infomercial time) It was of the time. A couple of low-rent Abbott and Costello wannabees(Frankie Ray and Robert Ball) are in a platoon of soldiers(half a dozen guys in Army Surplus remainders) who are sent on field maneuvers to look into some strange radiation, and wind up encountering extraterrestrials. They first go into Bronson Canyon to what would be later the famous Batcave on BATMAN, and encounter the remains of a dead “carrot monster”. Later, in the cave they’re chased by a living carrot creature-basically a guy in black suit and paper mache head, with sparkly things on it and ping-pong ball eyes. Two of them-complete geeks,Ray and Ball-are captured and wake up tied to tables and are being “examined” by space amazons-Dr Poona(nooo kidding!) and Professor Tanga who are stunningly beautiful and even moreso in their skimpy bikini “uniforms”. We were too young at the time,to realize what later bondage and fetish scenarios this “examination” scene would more than suggest. Turns out that the two gals and their carrot monster, are stranded on earth with a ship that’s well hidden and are trying to return to their world.

The film was made as a total comedy with varying degrees of taste but remember this was of the time when Eric Von Zipper and his crew from Frankie and Annette’s films, were the height of B-film, drive-in comedy.So it only seemed a natural to jump on the bandwagon for some quick bucks.

For some reason I only thought I’d imagined seeing this film to start with. No, I really saw it. And when it was released on “restored” DVD I was assured in my memory. The comedy goes from mildly funny to just plain stupid, but whatever.The budget is non-existent, which, is a minor miracle when you think about it, that it even got made and we can talk about a “restored” version here and now-over 40 years later. The payoff is the girls who want to learn about “love” and “kissing” and, the upshot is the geeks-which all of us were- get the girls and love wins out. It’s just goofy and silly and for the locations, has nostalgic significance.