Blood Diner (1987)

This is one of the wackiest horror flicks you will ever find. It is rare and difficult to locate a copy but it is well worth the search especially for true horror buffs or those who have a penchant for the truly shocking and bizarre. “Blood Diner” is actually a salute to Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Blood Feast” it is not however a blatant rip-off. While a handful of scenes are similar to those in “Blood Feast” there are no blatant scene-for-scene rip-offs in this one and true fans of Lewis’ will appreciate the tribute! The murder sequences in this film are exceptionally goofy and side-splittingly funny. From the french-fried “lady fingers” to the pickled uncle’s brain in a jar (complete with eyes) that talks all the way down to the deep-fried prostitute and the woman who is literally hacked in two, not horizontally but vertically. There are plenty of shocks and laughs in this film but a warning: it is most definitely not for the squeamish so grab a barf bag and get ready for a bloody good time at the “Blood Diner”!