The Treasure of Jamaica Reef (1974)

“The Treasure Of Jamaica Reef” has some interesting attributes. It has a once in a lifetime cast – what other movie has Cheryl Ladd, Darby Hinton, Rosey Grier, Chuck Woolery, and Stephen Boyd all together in one movie? The movie also boasts an unusual musical score, mostly electronic music. Also, the narration and the direction frequently give the movie a documentary-like feeling. All this stuff does make the movie interesting here and there, but as a whole, is the movie entertaining? Unfortunately, it isn’t. The best I can say for the movie is that it has some nice underwater photography. It’s a real slow-moving movie, and even in a couple of instances when it realizes things are boring and adds some action, it still isn’t that exciting. Another problem is that the characters are really thin, and it’s hard to care about their treasure quest. Though the movie doesn’t sink like a stone, it’s definitely very waterlogged.