Macabre (1980)

The events happen in New Orlans where a middle-aged woman named Jane Baker(Bernice Stegers)is traumatized by a car crash in which died his adulterous lover Fred Kellerman(Robert Posse) and she’s interned into a mental hospital. Years later she moves at New Orleans boarding house whose proprietary is a blind young named Robert Duval(Stanko Molnar). The situation comes towards an incredible final, genuinely highlights plenty of horror, terror, quirky sex and macabre happening which arise some memorably horrific set-pieces.The film is reportedly based on real deeds.

This macabre final packs tension, mystery,chills, thrills and scabrous scenes on its ending part.Gloomy and sinister plot with final’tour of force’ is written by Pupi Avati, also terror movies director .First feature picture by Lamberto Bava is surprisingly made and startling visual content of his shockers. His camera stalks in sinister style throughout the Jane’s room, Robert’s room, up-stars and down-stars . Strikingly shot for the most part in a traditional mansion from New Orleans and are also well photographed streets, slums, wheel-ship and cemetery of the city . Very atmospheric color with shades of ochre and deep translucently orange-red by Franco Delli Colli , cameraman of ¨Last man on Earth, and Django kill¨. Compelling direction by Lamberto Bava, a terror films expert, such as he proved in ¨Demons 1, 2, A blade in the dark, Shark: red on the ocean¨, though today he only directs television movies : ¨Fantaghiro and following, Caribbean pirates¨ among others. Acceptable and passable atmospheric film-making from genre master Bava’s son. A must see for horror fans