The Ogre (1986)

The American writer of horror novels Cheryl (Virginia Bryant) is a woman that has been tormented by nightmares since she was a child. She rents the Trifiri Villa in Italy with her husband Tom (Paolo Malco) and they travel on vacation with their son Bobby (Patrizio Vinci).

On the arrival, Chery befriends the local Ann (Sabrina Ferilli ) that offers her younger sister Maria (Stefania Montorsi) to babysit Bobby in order to allow Cheryl and Tom to have dinner with her.

Cheryl is writing her latest novel about an ogre that horrifies her in nightmares since her childhood and soon she finds that all her fears are coming true. Further the house is surrounded by orchids that attract the ogre and his victims. Now Cheryl has to convince her skeptical husband that they are in danger and must leave the place.

“La Casa dell’Orco” a.k.a. “Demons 3 – The Ogre” is an average horror television movie by Lamberto Bava but never the sequel of “Demons 2”. Tom is an unpleasant character that does not support his wife and even throws away in the garbage parts of her novel without any respect for her work. The music score is great but the plot has a silly conclusion.