Eliminators (1986)

OK….. mix in a bit of Frankenstein, some time travel and the potential damage of meddling with the past, a ninja (!) a materialistic, seemingly selfish but actually kind hearted charter boat captain (shades of Han Solo anyone?) and a feisty, pre-Star Trek: TNG Annette Crosby and you have Eliminators – a highly likable yet almost forgotten gem of 1980’s Sci-Fi!

The plot is quite obviously far too ambitious in scope for the budgetary constraints and yet somehow it all works so well, not least of all because of the highly likable characters featured in this (Andrew Prine’s laid back character is especially fun to watch) There’s also an excellent realisation of the ‘mobile unit’, a mode of transport whereby the Mandroid (bear with me on this) removes his legs (!) and rides around with the unit (a sort of miniature tank) on his lower half (presumably most of the budget was spent on this!)

What can I say? If you’re at all a fan of 80’s Science Fiction TV and/or movies then like me, you’ll probably lap this up, it all makes perfect sense on screen and is highly enjoyable throughout. Great nostalgic fun!