Hot Rods to Hell (1967)

This movie continues to amuse me although I’ve seen it countless times. The straitlaced family plunged into a world of “hot rodding” teenagers “looking for kicks”…it can’t get much better than this. Particularly fun are the overly dramatic performances of Dana Andrews (Tom) and Jeannie Crain (Peg) as the family sedan is chased by a carload of teenagers (one girl managing to sit up on the back and hang on the whole while). After the family arrives at the hotel that the father has just bought, they are horrified to realize that it’s a roadhouse that caters to these same bored teenagers and others like them. Much to her parents’ dismay, the daughter becomes infatuated with Duke, one of the hot rodders who earlier that day ran them off the road. The scenes inside the roadhouse are backgrounded with music by “Mickey Rooney Jr. and His Combo” which adds to the cheese factor. Still, you can’t help loving it.