Village of the Giants (1965)

A group of teenagers become giant sized.

Before this film, we had other “giant movies”, such as The Incredible Shrinking Man, but a recent YouTube viewing of Village Of The Giants has made me wonder if “Village” is the best of the lot. It has a sense of B-Grade fun that is hard to capture on film…without looking too stupid that is. The dance scene alone, with the little boy grabbing the giant girl, makes the film a winner. And note the music for the dance scene.

Story elements, character names (Genius) and Ron Howard were all shifted into a Land Of The Giants (1968,ABC) episode called…Genius At Work.

Attention Hollywood: Don’t remake this film today, “Village” is a product of the 1960s, it is about the 1960s mentality and 1960s music!

The film is a wonderfully casted and wonderfully scored knockout!