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JEFFREY UHLMANN is not an idiot, to put it plainly. He has a PhD in robot engineering from Oxford (the one over there, yes) and a M.S. in computer science and to top it off, a B.A. from the University…

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Five Easy Questions: JIM WYNORSKI

JIM WYNORSKI , International B Movie Man of Action and a native of Long Island, is a multi-talented writer/producer/director with over 70 genre films to his credit. His many B classics combining the Basics of Breasts, Blood and Beasts include…

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Lloyd Kaufman’s POULTRYGEIST: Not for chickens

  GRAB YOUR SURF BOARDS AND SKUNK APE REPELLENT STOMP SHOUT SCREAM OPENS APRIL 10th   Lloyd Kaufman has a nose for gory social satire…or he used to…it’s around here somewhere… If you stayed up late in a cheap motel…

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Help Us Get BRAIN DEAD and JACK SAYS in Theatres

Hello one of the B Movie loving folks at Monogram Releasing here, we are working hard to make sure Brain Dead, a great horror film by 80’s auteur Kevin Tenney and Jack Says, a super British Noir Thriller get the…

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The British Invasion “Jack Says” Opens Friday

This film is one of the UK’s best indie features to come out in a long time, and Guy Ritchie had better watch out – because these guys have got plenty of raw talent to back everything up! Not to…

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Demonsamongus is a dark and creepy horror set in rural Victoria, Australia on the eve of Christmas in the small isolated town of Miranda Falls. Joe Melton has just moved into town, retreating from the hectic life of the city…