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Five Easy Questions: JIM WYNORSKI

jim-12JIM WYNORSKI , International B Movie Man of Action and a native of Long Island, is a multi-talented writer/producer/director with over 70 genre films to his credit. His many B classics combining the Basics of Breasts, Blood and Beasts include sexy adventures like The Lost Empire (1983, co-starring Russ Meyer babe Raven de la Croix), cyber-serial killers in Chopping Mall (1986), Roger Corman remakes and sequels (Not of this Earth, 1987, with Traci Lords; Big Bad Mama II, same year, with Angie Dickinson; and The Wasp Woman, 1995) to comic book adaptations (The Return of Swamp Thing, 1989; Vampirella, 1996) to action (Storm Trooper, 1995; Desert Thunder, 1996) to spoof (Transylvania Twist, 1989) to…well, you get the picture. The man does not rest. Thankfully he took a quick break to give us this interview:

Will The Thrill: If B Movie Movies had their own church you would be one of its top Cardinals . What’s your Highness’s take on the State of The B Movie Nation today?

JW: The world always needs exploitation movies.  Look at what really makes money at the box office.  Yeah, Slumdog Millionaire may win the Oscar, but pictures like Fast and Furious are the type of flicks that clean up at the ticket booth.  I always strive to give my audience a thrill ride that takes them away from their troubles for two hours.  That’s the way it’s been since the invention of movies over a century ago.  I’m just glad to be part of it, and to have had some success along the way.

Thrill: What are your influences as a B movie maker?attack-of-the-crab-monsters-posters

JW: My greatest influence as a youngster was probably director Roger Corman, who helmed such classic B-Movies as Attack of the Crab Monsters, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Trip and The Wild Angels.  It was a great joy working with him over the years, having him produce some of my greatest titles such as Chopping Mall, Big Bad Mama 2 and Deathstalker. Other directors I admire are Sergio Leone, Howard Hawks and Steven Spielberg – who has blended exploitation and art in most of his greatest pictures like Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Thrill: You took a role in Kevin Tenney’s Brain Dead (great cameo). Why did you do it and do you see you achieving a second career as an actor?

JW: Out of necessity, I’ve had to cast myself in some of my own pictures when some actor failed to show up on set.  So I know from experience that it’s not easy to stand there and say lines like you mean them.  Therefore, it’s always a nice compliment when another director you respect – like Kevin Tenney – calls upon you to do a part in a picture.  Brain Dead was a fun, sci-fi outing and I was proud to show up and play the country bumpkin sheriff.  Unfortunately, he left my love scene with the leading lady on the cutting room floor.  Bastard!!

Thrill: Your pal, Bill Dever has launched this B Movie Nation concept to re-introduce B Movies to North American audiences, what do you think of this ambitious endeavor?

JW: I personally think he’s nuts, but you also have to admire someone like Bill who is putting it all on the line to advance the cause of exploitation movies across this great country of ours.   Plus there’s something to be said about a guy who went from hawking fish to a man promoting outlandish dreams.  All the best in the world, Bill.


Thrill: I hear you have reached cult like status in Indiana, why is this and does it have something to do with your love of corn?

JW: I don’t know if I’ve achieved cult status as yet in Indiana, but I think it’s a lovely state and I definitely plan on making more movies there whenever I can.  And yes, I freely admit, I do love corn – one look at any of my flicks should prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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