Double Dragon (1994)

This is decent cheesy fun, with fun performances, however, Streetfighter is better!. Now don’t get me wrong i did enjoy it, it’s just it could have been a lot better, but again why the heck is this in the bottom 100!, it’s enjoyable, cheesy fun if you know what to expect!. I really enjoyed the performances, however i thought the fight scenes could be a little better, and there were a few bland bits here and there, plus the ending kind of sucked. I loved Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf, and thought they had great chemistry together, however Alyssa Milano was kind of wasted, and thought they could have used her talents better, plus Kristina Wagner was very bland as the Hench woman. This is decent cheesy fun, with some fun performances all around,worth the watch!. The Direction is decent. James Yukich does a decent job here, keeping it lively and colorful,good shots, and he kept the film at a good pace for the most part. The Acting while not anything brilliant is a lot of fun!. Mark Dacascos is great here, he is charming, funny, extremely likable,kicked that ass,is fantastic at martial arts, had awesome chemistry with Scott Wolf, and entertained the hell out of me! (Dacascos Rules!). Scott Wolf is excellent here, he had awesome chemistry with Dacascos, kicked that ass, and was fun to watch!. Robert Patrick is having a lot of fun hamming it up here as the main villain, and i had a fun time watching him! (Patrick rules!). Alyssa Milano is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, and is fine with what she had to do, however i wished they used her more. Kristina Wagner is bland as the Hench woman. Julia Nickson-Soul is good in her short role