Combat Shock (1984)

“Combat Shock” stars Ricky Giovinazzo as Frankie Dunlan,a depressed Vietnam veteran living a meaningless life in Staten Island.With no money,no job and little hope,Frankie takes to the streets,shocked by the depravity of the neighborhood-of childhood friends turned junkies and prostitutes.The viewer watches Frankie meander through his bleak existence before a bloody and nihilistic finale that is not for the squeamish.”Combat Shock” is a deeply disturbing film that left me stunned.The cast of unknowns is fine and the direction is well-handled.The film is filled with incredibly dirty and depressing atmosphere of urban decay and the gore effects are disgustingly real.”Combat Shock” deals with the mental anguish one veteran goes through once back home.It’s not as disturbing as “Cannibal Holocaust” or “Man Behind the Sun”,but it’s close.Check it out