The Phantom Speaks (1945)

The film starts with Tom Powers (Bogardus) killing someone in a park and walking away. It’s not about whether or not he gets away with it – he doesn’t – but what happens afterwards. Psychic doctor Stanley Ridges (Paul) believes Powers has the strongest will that the world has known and so is a prime candidate for his experiment. The plan is for Powers to will himself to return after his execution. Uh-oh, guess what….?

The film runs for an hour and so there is never any real time to develop tension, especially given the amount of revenge that Powers and his willpower want to engage in. As a result, it is a matter-of-fact story where this happens and then that happens and things carry along until the end. It’s not bad and there are moments of good acting, eg, when Powers is waiting in Death Row and receives an audience with Ridges.