Haunts (1976)

This has a Bergmanesque spareness to it that is at times OK. The plot is terribly convoluted and confusing. I don’t even know if we have closure at the end. Just what does it all mean? I remember May Britt being married to Sammy Davis, Jr. She of the Scandanavian roots and the freckles. In here she is a virgin queen. She is so frumpy and cold, it’s hard to feel for her. Obviously, she deserves to live as she wishes, but she has been so traumatized that we can’t get close to her. In repulsion, we can’t take our eyes off the girl. When Britt leaves a scene, she is pretty forgettable. There is a pretty good give and take. Aldo Ray is pretty believable in his intense wishes to solve the case. He has feelings for this woman and wants to help her out. She, like so many in horror movies, feels she can be hysterical one moment and totally independent in the next. There are lots of layers and that’s fun. I didn’t move away from this movie. I have the same collection mentioned by other reviewers. If they had a psychological drama box, this might fit in nicely. Anyway, as a make my way through these B and C movies, I don’t see them as a total waste of time. I had never seen May Britt act before. She had some talent, but it wasn’t exposed here.