The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968)

“The Mini-Skirt Mob” is no classic (which, given that title, should come as no surprise) but it delivers enough action to make it worthwhile. Diane McBain stars as the leader of a female motorcycle gang, who is determined to punish the guy who jilted her. With the aid of her companions, including biker film veteran Jeremy Slate and future cult actor Harry Dean Stanton, she proceeds to harass both her ex-boyfriend (Ross Hagen) and his mousy new bride (Sherry Jackson). Along for the ride, and good in a sympathetic role, is ex-child star Patty McCormack, as McBain’s little sister. The photography is excellent as is the color, and the movie doesn’t take forever to make it’s point. McBain is terrific as “Shayne”. Very watchable. Incidentally, McCormack sang the title song, but, on the ”MGM Midnite Movies”DVD, her vocals have been re-dubbed by an unknown male vocalist. Nevertheless, picture and sound are both excellent, and the companion feature ”Chrome And Hot Leather” (1971) while not as good a film,looks and sounds fine, too. And since it’s soon to go out of print, now’s the time to grab it!.