Saint (2010)

I must say that it was with some excitement that I sat down to watch “Saint”, because the cover looked so cool, and what I had read about the movie seemed promising as well.

The whole twisted concept about Saint Niklas (yeah, I am going with the Dutch spelling here) in this movie was so bizarre and I loved that. It was really a good twist on a story that we all know and most of us love. And the story was well inked out on the screen.

However, now having seen the movie I am left here with a somewhat hollow feeling, was that really it? It seemed like this movie wanted to do so much more, but restrictions were put on the director. The movie never really got to unfold its true potential. I, personally, was disappointed that you didn’t get to see more of Saint Niklas, and when you did, it wasn’t long enough shots. I would have loved to see more of him up close and personal, because the make-up looked really good. And also there was far too few deaths shown in the movie. It was like the director had to restrict himself to make the movie reach out to a bigger audience.

Despite being in Dutch language, do not let that be a hindrance to watching the movie, and despite its shortcomings, “Saint” is an rather enjoyable movie. I just found it a shame that the movie didn’t manage to acquire more than it did.

The acting in the movie is good, and not being overly familiar with Dutch movies and TVs prior to this, then it was all new faces to me, and that was a glad chance of scenery.

For a horror movie, “Saint” is fairly tame, and there are far better scare flicks out there. I think “Saint” is the type of movie that appeals to us that want a little bit more twisted and bizarre out of the whole Saint Niklas legend.