Basket Case 2 (1990)

This first sequel to the original “Basket Case” sees the return of Duane (Kevin VanHentenryck, who is in all of the Basket Case movies), and this flick introduces Annie Ross as Granny Ruth, who gives a memorable performance, and returns for “Basket Case 3: The Progeny”. This second entry in the series is not as gory as the first at all, but it has better acting, more freaks, and a cheesy attempt at a love story between Duane and Susan (Heather Rattray). The freaks can get annoying at times, and at one scene, I quote my friend who said, “Now it’s just a bunch of freaks running around”. I recommend this only if you have seen the first “Basket Case”, and it’s not as entertaining as either BC1 or BC3, but still I’m glad to have it in my collection