The Young Racers (1963)

In this Roger Corman’s movie we follow the tribulations and various romantic entanglements of Joe Machin ( you see, at first, he is cold-hearted , like a Machine ) but really the whole story is just an excuse to take the viewer through a nice tour of Europe ( or for the production team to take a vacation…). When the characters are not driving their F1s they do the cheapest thing a director can fill a movie with : talk, talk and talk some more. I guess Corman wanted The Young Racers to be classified as a full length movie so he had to fill it with something but I guarantee you that as soon as the 80 minutes are done with you will forget all the blah blah in a few heartbeats. In the first part of the film you can see a nice selection of vintage 60’s bikinis. That’s a plus ! And you can witness some typical 60’s drinking and driving…with champagne no less ! Also, I think our friend Roger didn’t want to bother with a boom operator in the busy streets of Europe so I guess the sound man FF Coppola hadn’t much to do in the actual shooting of the film but what a nice goatee on his young face !