Bucktown (1975)

re. In this film, Fred Williamson stars as Duke, who returns home to Bucktown to bury his brother and resume business at his brother’s bar. He soon discovers the corrupt white police force had his brother – alongside everyone else – in their pocket and intend to keep it that way. Urging against any confrontation is the eternally sexy Pam Grier as Aretha, a local. Duke calls in some friends from the big city to oust the cops, who are led by Duke’s longtime pal Roy. Once the cops are out, the grateful mayor wants to thank Duke’s friends with a great parade; but unbeknownst to Duke, Roy and his crew become aware of the judicial and financial power the police force had, and now suddenly have other plans…

One thing I really enjoyed about this film is that while I enjoy (over and over) the many films where Pam Grier is naked, it was nice to see one of her blaxploitation films where her nudity is dissolved to only one scene. Also, she isn’t scantily clad in every frame. She appears classic and tasteful in fine outfits with glittering earrings and complimenting make-up. I know you guys want – and are accustomed to – seeing her breasts every 10 minutes, but I found it a nice change of pace to see her in a more graceful light. The final showdown of the film is tremendous, loaded with hilariously menacing “I’m gonna beat you down, boy” prologues between the two combatants. There is also good use made of a tank in this film, but I don’t want to spoil the whole experience for you. Check it out for yourself.